Phase II of Data Use Partnership (DUP) Project launched. Jan 4,2024

In a groundbreaking collaboration, HABTech Solutions has officially launched Phase II of the Data Use Partnership (DUP) Project, signaling a significant stride towards a digitally empowered healthcare system. The launch event saw a convergence of diverse stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, technology experts, and community representatives, all united in their commitment to advancing digital health initiatives in the country. Notably, the State Minister of the Ministry of Health delivered remarks, expressing resounding support for DUP II and emphasizing the government’s dedication to leveraging data for informed decision-making in healthcare.

The DUP II Project, building on the success of its predecessor, aims to further enhance Ethiopia’s digital health landscape over the next four years. The collaborative effort involves key players such as HABTech Solutions, DUP, Think Place, and the University of Gonder, contributing their expertise to address challenges and expand the scope of digital health initiatives. With the State Minister’s endorsement, the project receives  a strategic direction, fostering a collaborative synergy between the government and various stakeholders. This marks a pivotal moment in Ethiopia’s journey towards a more advanced and inclusive healthcare system, promising transformative outcomes in patient care and health management.

As Ethiopia positions itself at the forefront of healthcare innovation, the DUP II Project sets the stage for a comprehensive and unified approach, where data-driven decision-making becomes the cornerstone of improved healthcare outcomes. The government’s commitment, coupled with the active engagement of diverse stakeholders, creates an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, and sustained growth in the digital health sector.