HABTech Solutions’ Empowering Retreat

HABTech Solutions believe in the continuous growth and development of our team, we organized an enriching three-day training session for its management and employees Haile Resort Arbaminch.

This intensive program covered a range of essential skills, including leadership, decision-making, effective communication skill, self-management and others. The training was not just about effective project implementation ; it also imparted valuable life principles that every individual should follow.

During our journey, we visited the cultural and natural wonders of Arba Minch, including Nechisar National Park, the enchanting 40 springs, the vast expanse of Lake Abaya, chammo, and the unique Dorze Village.

The experience was incredibly helpful, providing knowledge and resources that enabled our team to succeed on the personal and professional fronts. HABTech Solutions works hard to make sure that its employee is not just important assets to the business, but also capable individuals who make significant contributions to the nation and their communities