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Our Mission

To establish an ecosystem where digital platforms and work practices and intertwined for a common good.

Our Values

To become a reliable, quality and trust-worthy localiazed digital solution provider in Africa and beyond

Board of Directors

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Adane L. Mamuye (PhD)

Adane L. Mamuye (PhD) has been involved in digital health systems development and research for the last five years. Dr. Adane played a significant role in the development of the African Union health information exchange policy and standards for Digital Health Systems and in providing policy and standards recommendation for Ethiopia digital health system. Moreover, Dr.  Mamuye has led a team at the University of Gondar which worked in evaluating the DHIS2 implementation maturity assessment in Ethiopia.  Currently he is coordinating projects in the area of the digital health system with funding from the Ethiopia Ministry of Health, European Union and others.

Dr. Mamuye received his PhD from University of Camerino, Italy, in 2017. He received MSc and BSc degrees from Addis Ababa and Haramaya universities, respectively. His research interests lie in the area of health data analytics, image processing, signal analysis, complex system modeling, and digital health systems.


Binyam C. Tilahun (PhD)

Binyam C. Tilahun (PhD) is the leader of eHealth implementation sciences research group ( www.eHealthlab.org) and an Associate Professor of Health Information Systems, at the Institute of Public Health in the University of Gondar. He currently leads different global level  projects in the area of eHealth, mHealth and Big Health Data and data use with funding from  major national and international organizations including- World Health Organization (WHO), Bill  & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), European Union, Ethiopian Ministry of Health, Doris Duke  Charitable Foundation, Grand Challenges Ethiopia and others. His projects mostly focus on national level capacity building and technical assistance for sustainable health information system, and community-based innovations with a vision of improving clinical services and health system strengthening through low-cost, scalable digital health solutions in remote settings of Ethiopia. He received PhD in Medical Informatics from the University of Münster, Germany (2015.

Dr. Tilahun worked in Health systems in three continents for the last 12 years and he has a solid background both in Health Informatics and implementation sciences. Additionally, he led a team at the University of Gondar in developing the Africa Union Health Information Exchange Policy and Standards for Digital Health Systems. With Jembi Health Systems, he had also led a team that prepared health information exchange policy and standards recommendations for Ethiopia.  Currently, he is leading a team that works to assess the DHIS2 implementation in Ethiopia.  

Abyot A. Gizaw (PhD)

Abyot A. Gizaw (PhD) is an individual with strong technical background and work experience in information system design, development and implementation for low resource settings. This was acquired over a decade working at global and local level health, nutrition, agriculture and numerous M&E information system projects with funding from EU, USAID, WFP and other national and international partners. Dr. Abyot also comes with confirmed research experience in the areas of generic information system design, implementation, integration, scaling and sustainability. His PhD in Informatics is from University of Oslo, Norway. Both his MSc and BSc degrees are in Computer Engineering from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

Dr. Gizaw is one of the core architects of DHIS2 – free and open source web-based information system, developed using Java, Spring, Hibernate, HTML, React, Angular, Bootstrap, Material and related frameworks. Currently, it is in use as a national system by more than 70 countries and numerous international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, PATH, CDC, GAVI, WFP, PSI Global Fund and CHAI to mention a few.

Hibret Tilahun (PhD)

Hibret Alemu Tilahun (PhD) is the Global Director of the CORE Group Polio Project (CGPP) based in Washington DC out of the World Vision US’s office. In the past, Hibret worked at John Snow Inc. for more than 13 years mostly as Project Director of BMGF funded projects and Chief of Party of a USAID funded project in Ethiopia. After completing his PhD in Public Health in 2012 through a joint program between the Addis Ababa University and John Hopkins University, he worked at the Harvard School of Public Health as a Research Associate and Executive Director of BMGF funded primary health care project. Hibret has published several papers on peer review scientific journals as a lead author and co-author. His publications focused on child health, health systems, information systems, community health and primary health care. He specializes in public health leadership and enjoys managing complex projects. In his current leadership role, he leads a diverse public health program that focus on polio eradication, global health security and COVID-19 prevention and control in eight African countries plus India by focusing in inaccessible and cross-border communities.   On his volunteer time, Hibret serves as a board member of HABTech.

Tigabu D. Akal (MSc)

Tigabu D. Akal (MSc) is a recognized expert in the field of digital health and data analytics, network design and configuration, modern software project design and management, software quality Assurance and testing, information technology Service management design and deployment and leadership. Mr. Dagne was educated in Germany at University of Munster, in Spain at University of Jaume I and in Portugal at University of the New Lisbon in Geospatial Technologies. He is also educated in Ethiopia at Addis Ababa University in Information Science and at Jimma University in Computer Science. Upon his first degree and second degree graduation, Mr. Dagne has worked in national and international companies.