HABTech Solution and Quantium Health Conclude Three-Day Workshop on Healthcare Data Integration, Visualization and Analysis.

In a collaborative effort to advance healthcare analytics in Ethiopia’s health system, HABTech Solutions and Quantium Health successfully concluded a three-day workshop. The event, held from January 29 to 31, brought together key stakeholders, including the Quantium Health, Ethiopia Ministry of Health (MoH), Oromia Regional Health Bureau (ORHB) and HABTech Solution.

The objective of the workshop was to provided valuable insights into data integration and-matching challenges among Ethiopia health data systems, and craft robust potential solutions.

On the first day of the workshop HABTech presented its ongoing analytics, visualization and mapping activities that integrate four data systems: work focusing DHIS2, eCHIS, LMIS, MFR. The Quantium team addressed a critical data mapping exercise among the four data systems and demonstrating practical examples of data linkage. The challenges in linking multiple data sources were also presented.

In the second day, internal data experience sharing session was held at HABTech office. The Quantium team shared experience and expertise on dashboard mock-up building, Power BI tips and tricks and advanced techniques in data science.

In the third day, dashboard mock-up presentation session was conducted at ORHB. Interesting feedbacks were collected from the ORHB which will be used to enhance the data visualization dashboard that has been developed for the region. Interactive discussion, experience sharing, and question and answer sessions facilitated knowledge exchange among the teams.

The workshop laid the groundwork for continued collaboration, with a commitment to implementing strategies for enhanced healthcare data integration at national and sub-national level. The HABTech-Quantium joint collaboration aims to capacitate the MOH and regional health bureaus towards data driven decision making.

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