DHIS2 Metadata Cleaning

A 15-day workshop focusing on DHIS2 metadata cleaning was organized by MOH in collaboration with HABTech Solutions, with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was hosted in Adama from June 29 to July 13, 2023. The workshop’s primary objective was to enhance the quality of metadata within the DHIS2 system, including crucial components such as data elements, indicators, category options, and validation rules. The systematic approach adopted during the workshop led to overcoming the DHIS2 implementation challenges of both online and offline versions.

One area of progress was the category options, only 307 out of 634 options went through a standardized naming procedure. Additionally, changes in names and short names were proposed to streamline the mapping process. Organizational units also underwent a thorough review and correction process. Inconsistencies in naming and grouping were addressed to ensure consistency. The validation rules were also subject to review, correction, and the establishment of new rules using a standardized template. Furthermore, the workshop tackled indicators by eliminating extraneous ones and applying necessary corrections to numerator and denominator formulas.

Overall, the DHIS2 metadata cleaning workshop has laid a solid foundation for a transformative endeavor aimed at enhancing the quality and reliability of DHIS2. The progress achieved thus far is commendable, but continued dedication is crucial to capitalize on this momentum and successfully conclude the DHIS2 version upgrade process. By diligently executing the outlined next steps, this landmark workshop holds the potential to bring substantial improvements in data accuracy, operational efficiency, and overall usability of DHIS2 over the long term.