Revving Up Success: HABTech Solutions’ Six-Month Performance Review”

On June 5, 2024, HABTech Solutions held a dynamic six-month performance evaluation at Elile International Hotel. This essential gathering showcased the achievements and progress of all key teams. Team of Data Analytics, Digital Systems, DHIS2 Server Administration, Finance and Operations, Communications and M&E, and HIS Coordination each took the spotlight.

They highlighted their milestones, best practices, and challenges, sharing the impactful work and creative solutions developed over the past six months. Each team outlined clear, actionable steps forward, reinforcing HABTech Solutions’ commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.
The meeting wasn’t just a review; it was a dynamic forum for brainstorming solutions and setting the stage for future innovations.

The enthusiasm and collaborative spirit at this event promise an even more successful second half of the year, solidifying HABTech Solutions’ role as a leader in technology innovation.