The 2nd DHIS2 National Forum in Ethiopia

The MinistryofHealth, in collaboration with HABTech Solutions, successfully organized the Second DHIS2 National Forum on April 12–13, 2024, with the theme #”Leveraging DHIS2 for Data-Driven Decision-Making: Transforming Health Data for Enhanced Impact in Ethiopia.”

The forum aimed to address the information management challenges faced by the Ethiopian healthcare system and pave the way for significant improvements. Under the program, 11 speakers delivered insightful presentations, emphasizing the achievements made thus far and outlining the necessary steps for future progress.

#Thetwo-day event fostered engaging discussions, enabling participants to delve into the explanations provided by the speakers. Notably, a panel discussion involving all stakeholders took place on the second day, serving as a platform for exchanging ideas and addressing crucial questions pertaining to the future direction of health data use.

In a bid to bolster Ethiopia’s national development trajectory, the forum also featured the expertise of renowned professionals from two African nations. These experts shared their insights and experiences. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to observe the impactful work being carried out by local partners in the field, providing valuable exposure to innovative practices and initiatives.

The esteemed gathering was attended by distinguished guests, including officials from the #Ministry of Health, #representatives from regional health bureaus, directors of #CBMP universities, as well as esteemed #partners and #invited visitors. The collective expertise and collaborative spirit exhibited throughout the forum underscored the shared commitment to leveraging DHIS2 and health data for optimal decision-making processes, ultimately driving improved outcomes in Ethiopia’s healthcare landscape.

As the Ministry of Health and HABTech Solutions #continue their efforts to enhance information management within the Ethiopian healthcare system, this forum stands as a significant milestone in the ongoing journey towards data-driven decision-making and transformative impact in the country’s healthcare sector.