Meron Abate

A skilled Data Visualization Expert with a robust background in computer science, holding a BSc from Adama Science and Technology University. Currently working at HABTech Solutions, Meron specializes in healthcare data analytics and visualization, leveraging tools like Power BI to create insightful, interactive dashboards. Her role involves data cleaning, manipulation, and presenting technical information clearly and concisely. Meron’s dedication to data-driven solutions and a keen eye for detail ensures the delivery of high-quality visualizations that aid in informed decision-making.

In addition to her current role, Meron has experience in front-end development and data engineering. She has worked with the Information Network Security Agency(INSA), developing web applications using Vue.js, React.js, and GraphQL. Her project portfolio includes collaborating on a speech-to-text data pipeline using Kafka, Airflow, Spark, and S3 bucket. Committed to continuous learning, Meron has completed advanced training in Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and Web3 Engineering, further enhancing her expertise and ability to tackle complex data challenges.