promoting data-informed decision making process

we strive to establish an ecosystem where digital platforms and work practices are intertwined for common good

Local expertise for local challenges

solutions are best implemented and sustained with localized and on the ground knowledge

System Design

Apply human-centered approach in design and customization of solutions in health, education, agriculture and other public and private domains

System Implementation

Promote and institutionalize scalable and sustainable digital systems, solutions and organizational practices for efficiency and quality gains

Capacity Building

Provide technical support and training on design and implementation of M&E tools and data science practices for data-informed decisions

System Integration

Provide technical assistance and pragmatic data orchestration solutions to integrate and exchange data under a thoughtful enterprise architecture

Research & Documentation

Work with local universities to create and promote an implementation research culture with a particular focus on data and digital systems and tools

Partnership & Collaboration

Establish partnership with local and international organizations, individuals, academia, government and non-government stakeholders

HABTech's primary goals

  • Apply data management, data visualization, data modeling and advanced analytics techniques and technologies to respond to program challenges 
  • Provide end-to-end services in health, education, agriculture, humanitarian and other M&E settings
  • Provide appropriate data orchestration solutions to integrate and exchange data across digital systems
  • Extract new insights from big data to empower decision-makers vid data science techniques
  • Apply behavioral Science to foster data-informed decision making in the context of developing countries
  • Set project specific M&E system derived by implementation science research and recent M&E practices
  • Provide technical assistance and capacity building on human-centered design
  • Provide consulting services including managing project implementations

HABTech works with donors, ministries, universities and other institutions

below are our current partners

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communication and documentation are key to knowledge production and stustainability

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we offer scalable and sustainable solution based on free and open source frameworks