Betsegaw Lemma

With over a decade of extensive experience in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Betsegaw specializes in analyzing, architecting, designing, developing, testing, documenting, administering, and deploying both mobile and web applications. His expertise spans software development, data analytics using Python and Power BI, data engineering, and building robust data pipelines. He is proficient in multiple programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Java, Kotlin, and Dart. Additionally, he excels in front-end and back-end development, leveraging frameworks such as Angular, Angular Material, Bootstrap, NGXS, NGRX, .NET Core, and Spring Boot.

He is adept at securing REST APIs, web, and mobile applications using token-based security, JWT, and OAuth2, adhering to OWASP guidelines throughout all SDLC stages. His experience with CI/CD processes, tools such as GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps, and configuring web servers like Apache and Nginx is complemented by his strong skills in unit, integration, security, and performance testing. He is well-versed in agile methodologies, including SCRUM, and familiar with design patterns, Clean Architecture, DDD, and SOLID principles.

He has a solid foundation in both Object-Oriented and Functional Programming paradigms and has successfully designed and implemented several software products. As a team leader, software architect, and SCRUM master, he has consistently delivered high-quality work independently and as a team player. His project portfolio includes consulting for the Ethiopia Insurance Agency and architecting, developing, and leading enterprise systems such as Planning and Monitoring Systems, Research Management Systems, Data Collection Systems, Document Management Systems, and Letter Tracking Systems.